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Excel 2016 from Scratch Tutorials


An Excel series by Peter Kalmström

Excel 2016 iconThe kalmstrom.com Excel 2016 from Scratch series includes 66 Tips articles with demos that are an extra bonus to
the book Excel 2016 from Scratch, which is available both as paperback and as e-book.

Many of the articles are in the form of exercises. Each of these articles has a downloadable Excel file to work with and a demo that shows the solution to the task. All "Exercise" articles has such a downloadable Excel file that you can practice on.

All demos are recorded by Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions.

Peter uses Excel 2016, but the series is suitable for earlier versions of Excel too.

Excel 2016 from Scratch covers a wide range of Excel features. Peter starts with very basic information and proceeds through the series towards more advanced tips and tricks.

You can follow the series by using the back and forward arrows at the bottom of each page, or you can browse among the articles from the table of contents below.

Bold text in an article content list shows what is new in the demo that is described. Features that are not bolded have been shown in earlier demos in the series as well.

The combination of book and Tips articles will of course give a more structured learning and a deeper understanding of how Excel works, but if you just want to check some features you are welcome to browser among the articles here. Otherwise we recommend you to also get the book.

Excel 2016 from Scratch tutorials

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