Excel 2016 from Scratch Exercise

Copy by Filling Right or Down

An Excel tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Excel 2016 iconExcel has a very useful feature that is called the "fill", and in this demo in the Excel 2016 from Scratch series, Peter Kalmström shows how it works.

You can fill cell data into other cells either by dragging with the mouse or by using the keyboard. Formulas, text, numbers, formatting – everything will be copied.


If you want to try the exercise yourself, please download the Excel file Peter uses in the demo!


This is what Peter shows in the demo below:
  • How to copy cell content into several cells by filling to the right or down with the mouse.

  • How to select several cells by Shift and drag.

  • How to copy cell content into several cells using Ctrl + R for right filling and Ctrl + D for down filling.

  • Excel fillHow to fill relative references into more cells.

  • How Excel can auto-fill series, like months, week days and names with numbers.

Peter uses Excel 2016 for his demo, but the Excel basics are the same for earlier versions of Excel.

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