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Excel 2016 from Scratch Exercise

Calculation and Protection

An Excel tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Excel 2016 iconIn this exercise in the Excel 2016 from Scratch series, Peter Kalmstrom does not show any new features, so consider it a repetition or check-up.

We recommend that you try the exercise before you watch the demo. Go back and re-view earlier tips in the series if you feel uncertain. Peter uses statistics on public transportation for different months and in one or more zones as an example in this exercise.


The formulas in the demo below has been used in several earlier exercises in the Excel 2016 from Scratch series, and the protect sheet and unlock cells feature was shown in the previous demo. Therefore, please download the Excel file Peter uses in the demo and try the exercise yourself before you check the solution in the demo.


This is what Peter shows in the demo below:

  • How to name a cell to use it as an absolute reference.

    Note that figures cannot be used in cell names. That is why Peter uses letters in the names even though the zones have figures in the names.
  • How to calculate multiplication with an absolute reference in the formula.
  • How to add a currency and Cell Styles to cells.
  • How to unlock cells. (Peter goes from the Cell Styles, but you can aslo use the arrow in the Number ribbon group to reach the Format Cells dialog.)
  • How to protect a sheet and make it read only – except for unlocked cells.
Peter uses Excel 2016 for his demo, but the Excel basics are the same for earlier versions of Excel.

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