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Excel 2016 from Scratch

What-If Analysis A

An Excel tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

Excel 2016 iconIn this exercise in the Excel 2016 from Scratch series, Peter Kalmstrom explains how to use the three tools you can find in the What-If Analysis dropdown under the Excel Data tab: Scenario Manager, Goal Seeker and Data Table.

All three tools show what happens when different parameters changes, but they work in different ways.

This is what Peter shows in the demo below:

  • How to use the Goal Seek to see what value one cell must have to give a set value in another cell.

    Peter uses the example "What sales price must I have to get a profit of ...?"
  • Excel What-If-Analysis toolsHow to use the Scenario Manager to create different scenarios where values in certain cells vary and affect values in other cells that depend on them.

    Peter uses the example "How will values in the other cells change when the interest value changes to ... or ...?"
  • How to create a column of values of the same kind and a row of values of another kind and use them as axes for a Data Table.

    The example question is: "How will the profit change for all possible combinations of interests (the column axis) and loan (the row axis)?"
Peter uses Excel 2016 for his demo, but the Excel basics are the same for earlier versions of Excel.

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