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TimeCard iconYou are welcome to download and try TimeCard for 30 days without any obligations. Then your organization must subscribe to TimeCard if you want to continue using it.

TimeCard for SharePoint is a Sandboxed Solution that should be uploaded to a SharePoint solutions gallery and activated there and on each site in the collection where it should be used.

Should you get problems with the activation, please make sure that the sandboxed code service is running on the SharePoint server. FAQ

There are two user roles: administrator(s) and users. The first admin uploads and activates TimeCard and then adds the users (and more administrators). When a new user/administrator is added, TimeCard will create a new calendar for that person.


Standard SharePoint permissions are used for TimeCard .
  • The person who uploads and activates TimeCard for the site collection needs to be Administrator of the site collection.
  • The TimeCard site administrator must have Full control over the site where TimeCard is activated.
  • TimeCard users must have at least Contribute permission over the TimeCard lists.

Installation in site collection

  1. Download the file TimeCardSP.wsp. (Extract if you have downloaded the .zip file)
  2. On the root site of the site collection, open the Site Settings and select Solutions under the Web Designer Galleries heading.
  3. Upload the TimeCard .wsp file.
  4. Activate the .wsp file.

Installation on site

  1. On each site where TimeCard should be used, open the Site Settings and select Manage site features under the Site Actions heading. Find TimeCard in the list of site features and activate it.
  2. There will now be a new "TimeCard" link under Web Designer Galleries in the Site Settings. Click on it, and you will be presented with the Start page.
  3. Load Example data OR enter Tags and tag values and define other settings in the Global Settings dialog.
  4. Enter TimeCard users.

The TimeCard ribbon group

TimeCard for SharePoint Admin ribbon group

TimeCard adds a new group to the SharePoint ribbon. Standard users only see the tree buttons in the middle. The Global Settings and the Manage Users buttons are only visible to TimeCard administrators.

Download the TimeCard for SharePoint WSP

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(to download a zipped file, see below)

TimeCard Settings

The settings of TimeCard are done in two steps:
  1. The Administrator defines the TimeCard tags and tag values in Global settings. These are the extra information that needs to be gathered from users, besides date, start time, end time and subject for each appointment.
  2. In the Personal settings each user defines which of the centrally defined TimeCard tag values he or she will use. By avoiding free text, time reporting is quick and error-free.
For more information about installation, settings and usage, refer to the Manual and the Demonstrations online.

Download the TimeCard for SharePoint ZIP

You might need to allow pop-ups for the download to work.

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