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Office 365 from Scratch

Latest update: March 2021

Office 365 from Scratch coverMicrosoft 365 and Office 365 are Microsoft's brand names for a group software and services hosted in the cloud. For this book, it does not matter if your subscription has the name Office 365 or Microsoft 365, because Office 365 from Scratch describes apps that are included in most 365 Enterprise and Business subscriptions.

These apps can integrate with each other and with Microsoft 365 groups, and the book contains many examples on how this can enhance the 365 tenant. 

Office 365 from Scratch is primarily intended for administrators and other power users, so the book explains how users, apps and content can be controled.  The book is however also useful for others who want to learn about the possibilities given with their Microsoft/Office 365 accounts.

After an introduction to the platform and to the Microsoft 365 Admin center, Office 365 from Scratch describes the most important parts, Exchange, Office, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Groups. Other chapters introduce Delve, OneDrive, Stream, Teams, Planner, Yammer, the Power Platform, Forms and Sway. All the apps in the image to the right are included in the book, even if all of them don't have their own chapters.

Many sections have links to Office 365 Tips articles. Consider these articles as a good complement to the book. They don't show the latest versions of all apps, but they can still enhance the learning process.

Office 365 from Scratch cannot be a full description of everything in Office 365. The topic is huge, and for more advanced users Microsoft has a lot of detailed information on their websites. Instead, this book gives an overview, so that you know what is available and interesting to your organization and which are the correct search terms for your continued exploration of Office 365.

Office 365 from Scratch is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle e-book editions via Amazon.

From Amazon reviews:

"A good high level summary of Office 365 apps and functionality."

"A great source of information for someone new to Office 365."

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