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Kanban Task Manager

visualize and co-operate on projects and tasks

in Microsoft Outlook or SharePoint

Color code tasks by project or responsible and drag and drop them between phases – these are two of the benefits you get when using our kanban board for Outlook or SharePoint.

With the Kanban Task Manager workgroup editions, all ongoing projects and tasks can be seen in Outlook or SharePoint by all team members. The Outlook and SharePoint editions can be used independently, but they may also be used within the same team.

There is also a personal kanban board for Outlook, Kanban Task Manager Single. It can be used by anyone to keep track of both private tasks and business tasks.

Kanban board Kanban board visualizes the work process

Kanban is a Japanese word for "visual card", and it refers to a way of visualizing work, to make it flow and reduce waste of time. The traditional Kanban board has cards that tell what and how much should be produced and when it should be done.

When managers get such a visual picture of the work process they can quickly reveal bottlenecks and blockers. Less time is spent on trying to sort out how projects are coming along, because everything is visible on the Kanban board.

Benefits of a virtual Kanban board

When we move the Kanban board into Outlook or SharePoint we get several advantages:
  • We can give a nice, colorful user interface.
  • It is easy to drag and drop tasks between different phases of a project.
  • You will have it all in front of you in the computer and don't have to go to another place to see the work process.
  • Color code tasks by project or responsible.
  • No cards or pieces of paper are lost because they fall to the floor or someone takes them away to make a note.
  • Tasks are synchronized within the workgroup, so everything is up to date and everyone can see what is happening.
  • Tasks for multiple projects can be displayed in one Kanban board.
  • You can filter tasks by project, responsible and/or priority.
  • A details pane shows the task description and makes it possible to manage a task without opening it.
  • You can search both subjects and body texts of the tasks.
  • Additional views make it possible to study and work with tasks from different angles.
  • Add a custom parameter besides project, responsible and priority.
  • All data is kept in database tables or SharePoint lists and are easily accessible by the management.
  • Statistics icon Statistics reports can be automatically generated to Excel. The data can be studied and shown with all the features of Excel.


Kanban Task Manager is installed as an add-in in a folder under Outlook Tasks or as a sandboxed solution or an add-in on a SharePoint site. When a user opens that folder he can reach the workgroup’s different projects and tasks. New projects and tasks can be created with a few simple steps.

Use both Workgroup editions!

The Workgroup edition of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook has an option to share and store data in SharePoint, and this is the option used by the SharePoint editions too. Therefore it is possible to use the Outlook workgroup edition with one of the SharePoint editions, and members of the workgroup can switch between the editions without problems.

This combination is suitable when there are several workgroups within the organization. Even if users should prefer the Outlook edition,  the management can easily go into the different SharePoint sites and see project and task details for all groups.

The Medium and Premium subscription levels give you both organizational editions of Kanban Task Manager – and more!