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Security and Integrity

Kalmstrom Enterprises AB (the company behind the brand kalmstrom.com Business Solutions) respects your security and integrity of private data and the worry you might feel about how we use your data. Therefore we want to inform you about how we treat the information we get from you and what details are stored when you visit our website.

Consent and updates

When you visit this website or contact the kalmstrom.com team via e-mail or chat you give your consent to Kalmstrom Enterprises' registration and use of your data according to the guidelines below. Kalmstrom Enterprises AB reserves the right to update and change the guidelines. All such updates and changes are mandatory for all users and are announced here. 

Personal data

Kalmstrom Enterprises AB registers personal information like name, title, company, address, e-mail address and telephone number that are given in e-mails and chat messages. The information is used only for our own needs, such as to be able to send information about updates of a product that is used or tested. No data is given to a third party unless you have been given a possibility to object, and in case of third party it is only for references, mentioning of companies in blog posts etc. 


Currently Kalmstrom Enterprises AB uses the following cookies on the website for kalmstrom.com Business Solutions:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a service offered by Google Inc. that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. It uses cookies that are saved to your computer when you visit kalmstrom.com. With the help of these cookies Google Analytics can analyze how the website is used. The information from the cookies, like your IP-address, location referrer and time on the website, is saved on a server at Google in the USA. Google analyzes the info and gives Kalmstrom Enterprises reports about activities on the website. These reports are general, and it is not possible for us to discern or track the movements of single visitors. Google can give this information to a third party if it complies with the law. Google will not compare your IP-address with other data from Google.

The kalmstrom.com presentation product demos are stored at YouTube. YouTube.com stores cookies that show how many times the demos are shown.

We have added cookies to the homepages for the FAQ and Tips sections, to make it possible for visitors to return to the part of the content that was opened last time.

Remove/turn off cookies
Most modern browsers support cookies and allow the user to disable them. Look under Tools >Internet options >Security. More info in your browser's help menu.

Most browsers also allow a full wipe of private data including cookies, and we recommend to use that feature regularly instead of blocking all cookies. Tools >Internet options >Remove cookies.

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  Security and integrity

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