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Templates Manager for Microsoft SharePoint

Templates Manager logotypeMost organizations use templates for different kinds of documents. When there are many templates it may be difficult for users to find the correct template. Template distribution is often a problem, and without a good management system the administration will be troublesome.

The kalmstrom.com Templates Manager makes it possible to distribute Office templates to the whole SharePoint farm or tenant, and the Templates Manager Search feature makes it easy for users to find the template they need.

Templates Manager supports templates for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

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Two roles, Publisher and User

Templates Manager has two features that should be activated on site level: Publisher and User.

The User feature may instead be added with a SharePoint add-in. When the add-in is installed, Templates Manager User works with the new SharePoint experience interface and with Office 365 Groups.

The Publisher feature gives the Templates Manager settings and publishing tool, while the User feature gives access to the templates search tool and to using templates to create new documents.


Upload template
Upload the template (any document that has the right background, header and footer, font, colors and so on) to the Templates library. This library is created by Templates Manager Publisher and can serve the whole SharePoint farm or tenant. Currently it only has the classic SharePoint experience interface.  

When a file is uploaded, open the properties to enter a template title and description and select a category in a dropdown. These categories are fetched from the settings, where you can write or paste in the categories you wish to use.

The Templates Manager Publisher ribbon group

Publish templates

Under the LIBRARY tab in the Templates library, Templates Manager adds a new ribbon button, "Publish Templates". Use this button to publish changes in the templates library to all sites in the SharePoint farm that fetch templates from this library. (This setting is prompted the first time Templates Manager User is used on a site.)


Find template

When Templates Manager User has been added to a site, users can search or browse among the available templates from each document library in that site.

The templates are grouped by category and described in pop-up windows. Icons show what kind of document the template is intended for.

Set metadata and use template

When a user clicks on a template, it will be copied to the document library and the Properties dialog will open. This way it is easy for users to fill out name, title and other metadata. After that the document opens in edit mode.

Client for desktop Office

Users who prefer to work in the PC and not in the browser can install Templates Manager Client and use the SharePoint templates with their desktop Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

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