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TimeCard for SharePoint  Video Demonstrations

TimeCard iconWelcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use TimeCard for SharePoint.

We recommend administrators to watch all demonstrations to get a good understanding of TimeCard.

The demonstrations in the first section are useful for all users, while the demonstrations in the second section only are intended for administrators.


1. Introduction

Short introduction to TimeCard for SharePoint.

Demonstrations for Users


2. Personal Settings

In the Personal Settings each user can disable tag values that are not used, filter out appointments from reporting and more.

3. Tagging

Tag events with TimeCard. values

4. Reporting

Report hours and expenses from your SharePoint calendar. Add new events directly in the reportin dialog. Print and Export to Excel.

5. Statistics

In the Statistics Excel reports each user can see all his/her own reported data. The  reports are the same for administrators, who can see data from all users.

Demonstrations for Admins


6. Installation

Upload and activate TimeCard for a site collection and activate it on the site(s) where it will be used.

7. Example Data

Use Example data for a quick evaluation. This demo shows how create them and how to remove them when you want to use TimeCard with your own events and tags.

8. TimeCard Summary

Embed the TimeCard Summary to a SharePoint page. Silent demo.
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