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TimeCard for Microsoft Outlook and/or SharePoint

report time and expenses directly
from an Outlook or SharePoint calendar

Tag Outlook or SharePoint calendar appointments/events with info about customer and project (or about something else). The tagging converts the appointments/events into time cards, and you can report hours and expenses directly from the calendar.
No more double entries!
Features in all editions
  • Tag appointments/events with time reporting data that transforms them into time sheets.
  • Report time directly from the calendar.
  • Visual overviews. See the time to be reported in the calendar, in the reporting dialog and in the Excel report.
  • Possibility to report expenses with the hours.
  • Default tag values may be used and added automatically.
  • Add tag values in the subject automatically.Statistics icon
  • Filter out certain appointments/events from the reporting, for example private events.
  • Excel statistics and reports.
  • 30 days free evaluation.
  • Support and upgrades always included.

Outlook editions

TimeCard Single figure
TimeCard Workgroup figure
Access database        Database or SharePoint list
Single user edition, for one person:    Workgroup editions, for one organization:
For Outlook For Outlook and SharePoint
Local reporting to an Access database created by TimeCard   Central reporting to Access or SQL Server database or to a SharePoint list
Local configuration   Central and Local configuration

Single edition: 9 EUR/12 USD per month

Workgroup editions from 158 EUR / 180 USD per month
no per user fee

TimeCard in Outlook and SharePoint

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