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This page is under development. Here we will build a new kalmstrom.com section for tools that we use to manage SharePoint and other Microsoft platforms in an efficient and consistent way.

You are welcome to use these tools without any cost with the help of the video demonstrations and instructions supplied. Should you need assistance, please refer to the kalmstrom.com Services section.

SharePoint list generator

SharePoint iconThe first tool we will release publicly is a PnP generator for SharePoint lists.

In my Tips articles and demos, I recommend doing things the right way. You should for example consider:
  • creating a content type before creating the list
  • making sure all the site columns have good internal names
  • enabling version history
In my work as a consultant, I also often recommend creating all SharePoint objects using PowerShell.

However, it is often both faster and easier to do it in the wrong way, to just quickly add a list and then add list columns to it. Problems arise when this list needs to be moved, re-used or searched.

Thus I wanted to make a tool that make it easy to do things right from the start. The PnP Generator Tool allows you to specify your input, and then the tool generates all the PowerShell needed to set it up in SharePoint.  

The PnP Generator Tool works with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013, 2016 och 2019.

Please review the video on the generator page, to see more on what exactly it does and why.

Peter Kalmström

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