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Do you want to learn more about, Office 365, Microsoft Flow, SharePoint or Excel? I have written seven books on these subjects, where I am a Microsoft certified expert and trainer.

The "Exercises" book is a collection of step by step instructions on how to build common business apps for SharePoint, while the "Essentials" book is intended for regular SharePoint users without administrator roles.

The "from Scratch" books give deeper understanding of the Microsoft products. They start from the very basic but also cover more advanced features and functionality.

By starting from scratch, I can make sure that experienced readers always have a possibility to go back and learn basic details they might have missed, details that are important for a deeper understanding of the platform.

Kindle Matchbook

All books are available in Kindle and paperback editions and qualified for the Kindle Matchbook offer, which allows you to buy the Kindle edition for only $1.99 or equivalent when you have bought the paperback edition from Amazon.com.

I recommend that you buy the paperback first and take advantage of the matchbook offer. Then you will have the nice layout of the paperback as well as the accessibility of the e-book, and you can use the edition that suits you best at each occasion.

Click on the book title you are interested in, to learn more about the book. I welcome input, so please contact me at peter@kalmstrom.com if you have questions or suggestions.
Peter Kalmström

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