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TimeCard for SharePoint, revision history

04 April
Version 2.0.14

  • Added a date range filter for the Excel statistics report.
  • Improved performance in generating Excel statistics report with a large number of reported appointments.
Bug fix:
  • The feature "Write tag values in the subject" was not working before, now fixed.

07 Oct
Version 2.0.1
Blog post about this update

  • Added a possibility to insert the TimeCard embed Summary by clicking on the 'Embed Summary' button in the General Settings under Global Settings. With this code, the TimeCard Summary can be added to any page within the site. This feature replaces the TimeCard Summary web part.
  • The installation, upgrade and removal processes have been changed. This was necessary as Microsoft no longer supports server-side code in Office 365.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed minor issues.

22 April
Version 1.5.5 released.

  • It is now possible to synchronize events with the new version of TimeCard Workgroup for Outlook.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the time manipulation.
  • Fixed minor issues.

09 Sept Version 1.5.1 released.

  • Added TimeCard Summary Web part which gives an overview of reported and planned time.
  • Performance improved.
  • Support for TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed adding user issue reported by single user.
  • Fixed a random error in the TimeCard ribbon group when adding or editing events.

13 Jan Version 1.0.19 released.
Enhancement: Support for a new language: Russian.
Bug fix: Fixed date format issue in TimeCard reporting.

02 Jan
Version 1.0.18 released.
Enhancement: Performance improved.

26 Sep 2014 The first version has been released. Version number: 1.0.16.
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