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SharePoint PnP List Generator

With the PnP List Generator, you can create a new SharePoint list connected to a new content type correctly and swiftly, in a way that follows recommended practices.

The generator supports content types based on the List template, and it can be used for SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint on-premises.

A PowerShell script for the list will be built as you enter your preferred values in the fields below.
Copy the PowerShell code, paste it in Windows PowerShell ISE and run it, and the new list will be created.

  Column types
Some of the column types you can select in the PnP List Generator might seem unusual if you are not used to PowerPoint.

Boolean: Two options, true and false
Multi-choice: a choice column where multiple choices is allowed
Note Enhanced Rich Text: multiple lines of enhanced rich text
Note Plain Text: multiple lines of plain text
Note Rich Text: multiple lines of rich text

  Instructions and demos

Introduction to the PnP List Generator

Import data to SharePoint with the PnP List Generator
If you add data in the PnP List Generator, you can quickly import data to SharePoint from a source outside SharePoint or from another list.

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