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kalmstrom.com Premium Plan

EUR 6500 / USD 7200 per year

Premium Subscription iconThe Premium plan gives your organization access to all kalmstrom.com products. For Kanban Task Manager, we give register free Premium copies of all editions.

The Premium copies of Kanban Task Manager are updated every time the standard version is updated, and they are downloaded from a protected site.

The subscription is valid for the whole company or organization. There is no extra fee per user or installation.

For organizations with closed networks, the Premium subscription is the only option. The lower subscription levels require a connection to the kalmstrom.com server for registration control and Excel reports, but with the special Premium copy we can avoid that. Currently, we can only offer Premium copies of Kanban Task Manager.

Premium Subscriber benefits

  • VIP treatment in all contacts. We consider requests from all Subscribers, but we listen extra carefully to Premium Subscribers. And a Premium Subscriber with a problem will be assisted with highest priority. FAQ
  • Organizational licenses for all kalmstrom.com Solutions requested by the Premium organization.
  • Unlimited number of users within the Premium organization for all kalmstrom.com products.
  • Support and free upgrades for all the kalmstrom.com products used by the Premium organization.  Support terms
  • Direct contact with our CEO and Systems Designer, Peter Kalmström, if so requested.
  • Premium copies of all Kanban Task Manager editions. No registration is necessary for these copies, so they can be used in closed environments. If requested, the Premium copies can have the Premium organization logo on the major forms.
  • By default, the Excel reports included in most kalmstrom.com products are downloaded from a kalmstrom.com server. On request, and only for Kanban Task Manager, we can instead provide a an Excel Report web site package, to be hosted on a local server, and make the Premium copies point to the local server URL.
  • Premium subscribers who want to have the security of owning the source code may purchase the source code for the kalmstrom.com Solution(s) they use for a one time payment of EUR 5000 / USD 6000 per product. The source code will be updated each time the product is updated, as long as the organization is a Premium Subscriber.


The subscription fee is paid once a year, with credit card or a bank transfer. Please contact our Sales Department for an invoice with payment details.

After payment, we will send a confirmation and a welcoming e-mail. We will then send an invoice for renewal each year, as long as you don't cancel the subscription.


You have the right to use all our products, but we suggest that you don't request them all at one time. Each product requires a learning period, so we recommend that your organization takes one step at a time. (Some of our Premium subscribers use only one product and have chosen the Premium level for the other Premium benefits.)

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions requests a name and an e-mail address for one contact person per kalmstrom.com product. This may be the same person, but for support and information we need to know who is responsible for each of our products within the Premium organization.

The Premium subscriber has the right to use the kalmstrom.com product(s) as long as the subscription fee is paid. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by the Premium organization.