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We have the Tools that Make Office and SharePoint Do More

Peter Kalmstrom and his team can help you get more out of Microsoft

Gold Solutions, for organizations

Issue Tracking and User Support

Outlook + SharePoint: Outlook + Exchange:
E-mail Converter
E-mail Converter iconCreate SharePoint list items from Outlook. Convert e-mails or create blank tickets.
  Folder HelpDesk
FolderHelpDesk iconCollaborate on issues and requests in Outlook. For a shared mailbox or public folder.

Resource Booking

Time Reporting

Outlook + Exchange or SharePoint: Outlook or SharePoint:
Calendar Browser
Calendar Browser for Outlook iconUse Outlook or SharePoint calendars to book all kinds of resources: Calendar Browser for SharePoint icon rooms, cars, projectors ‒ or even people.
Let users report Time TimeCard for Outlook icon and Expenses directly from their calendars.
TimeCard for SharePoint icon
No more double entries!

Task Visualization


Templates Management

Outlook and/or SharePoint: SharePoint:
Kanban Task Manager
Kanban Task Manager Outlook iconKanban style visualization and sharing Kanban Task Manager SharePoint icon
of Outlook or SharePoint tasks.
  Templates Manager
helps users find the correct template, Templates Manager icon and admins can publish templates for the whole SharePoint farm.

Business Intelligence


Self-studies management

SharePoint:   SharePoint:
Pivot Explorer
Pivot Explorer iconAnalyze and visualize SharePoint list data in SharePoint.
  Study Manager
Study Manager iconTeacher controlled self-studies in SharePoint, for any subject.

Silver Solutions, for organizations

Attachments handling

SharePoint Archiving

Outlook + SharePoint: SharePoint + database:
SP Attach
makes Outlook publish SP Attach icon
e-mail attachments to SharePoint libraries and put a link in the e-mail.
SP Archive
SP Archive icon Customized archiving and backup of SharePoint list items to a database.

Mobile Task Management

Knowledge Base

SharePoint: Outlook:
When installed on a tenant,
all users can download Share Task icon the free app and handle SharePoint list items in their smart-phones and tablets.
Stop asking "Does anyone rememberKBase icon how that issue was solved?".
Look it up in KBase!

Single Solutions, for one user

Task Management

E-mail Management

Time Tracking

Outlook: Outlook: Outlook:
Kanban Task Manager Single
Work with tasks on a kanban Kanban Task Manager Outlook iconboard in Outlook. Drag and drop color coded tasks between phases and lanes.
Kanban E-mail Manager
Work with e-mails on a kanban Kanban E-mail Manager Outlook iconboard in Outlook. Drag and drop color coded e-mails between phases and lanes.
TimeCard Single
Report Time and Expenses from your TimeCard for Outlook icon Outlook calendar to a database that TimeCard creates for you.

Sponsorships, custom products

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions also offers customizations of the products and sponsorship for new features. Contact us for more info.
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