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SharePoint Online from Scratch

Updated in July 2019

SharePoint Online from Scratch coverIn SharePoint Online from Scratch I focus on no-code, hands-on instructions and explanations on how to practically make use of a SharePoint tenant for collaboration within an organization.

SharePoint Online from Scratch also gives examples on how to use SharePoint for management of common business processes.

Many sections have links to our more than 200 SharePoint Online Tips articles. Consider these articles as a good complement to the book. By also studying SharePoint Online from Scratch, you will have a deeper and more structured learning process and a better understanding of how Office 365 SharePoint works.

Microsoft often adds enhancements to their cloud platform, but by understanding why things are done the way they are, you will be able to figure out how to do things described in SharePoint Online from Scratch and other instructions, even if the actual steps are changed a bit.

The deeper understanding given in SharePoint Online from Scratch, will also help you explore SharePoint far beyond the limits of any book and make the platform serve your organization in the best possible way!

SharePoint Online from Scratch is available as e-book and paperback, sold via Amazon.

SharePoint Online from Scratch was published in March 2016. The latest update was published in July 2019. 

"I was looking for a comprehensive book on SharePoint Online and after much research and downloading of samples I bought the kindle version of this book. Absolutely fantastic!! It is really well structured and signposted and has active links that take you to Peter's excellent website where you can see really clear video tutorials of each element. I am fairly techno savvy and have a small business that is just deploying Office 365 and SharePoint online to help teams collaborate. Thank you Peter for creating a really excellent product."

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