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SharePoint Development Services


In the two demos below, Peter Kalmström first explains what automation types we connonly use, and after that he gives some examples on custom forms that the kalmstrom.com team has created for either standard products or custom solutions.

SharePoint automation code types

SharePoint development projects built on forms

In the demo below, Peter shows examples on:
  • Mobile-friendly SharePoint forms with plenty of touch-friendly functionality.
  • Maintaining relationships between several lists without using the bug-ridden lookup columns in a user-friendly way.
  • Building for search from start - creating site columns and content types automatically with PowerShell
  • Copying and pasting information from Excel in a reliable manner - grid functionality.
  • Organizing columns in tabs and color-coding columns based on business rules both in forms and in views.
  • Locking down certain column based on business rules or who the logged in user is (role based/column level "security")
  • Parent-child relationships between lists or within one item, stored as Json.
  • Working with the geo-location column and replacing Bing with Google maps as well as allowing the user to search and pick a location from the familiar Google Maps UI.
  • Shopping-cart functionality to order multiple items based on SharePoint lists. Using the familiar UI metaphor of a shopping cart to fill out a SharePoint form.
  • Drag and drop of items to change metadata instead of the regular dropdowns.

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