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Pivot Explorer for SharePoint Lists – soon to be released

Visualize and Analyze List Data

Pivot Explorer for SharePoint logotypePivot Explorer will make it easy to visualize and analyze content of any SharePoint list. Just as an Excel Pivot Table is a fantastic way to explore data in an Excel table, Pivot Explorer is what you should use for business intelligence in explore data in SharePoint lists.

Pivot Explorer will support a range of different charts as well as tables, and you will be able to modify them by just moving the dimensions around.

Pivot Explorer for SharePoint Lists will give you the usability and speed of  a desktop application and the mobility and scalability of a web-based application.


  • Click on the Pivot Explorer button to show list data in a grid or as a chart.
    Supported charts:
    • Column Pivot Explorer for SharePoint pie chart
    • Bar
    • Line
    • Scatter
    • Pie
    • Column Line
    • Stacked Column
  • Easy to format cells and add conditional formatting.
  • Select among layout options.
  • Fields selector to decide what data should be included in a view and how it should be displayed.
  • Save views for quick access next time.
  • Filter, sort and drill into values.
  • See Sum Details in table and chart.
  • Print the current view.
  • Export the reports to HTML, CSV, XLSX, PNG or PDF.
  • Layout options.
  • Sample list for evaluation.
Initially we will only sell Pivot Explorer through SharePoint Store, and the add-in will only be available for SharePoint Online. If we see a need for it, we will port it to a SharePoint 2010 compatible no-server-side code sandboxed solution also.