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kalmstrom.com Support Services

Subscription iconSupport is included in all kalmstrom.com subscriptions. Our software works in a complex environment, and making the most of it requires expert knowledge of both Outlook, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint and other technologies. Although most of our customers know a lot of this, it is convenient to have someone to ask when problems occur. If you describe your situation to us, we can also point out possibilities that you might not have considered.

Free upgrades are also included in the subscriptions. As our applications are built on top of Microsoft's, we often have to adapt our products to improvements in the Microsoft products. Our upgrade processes are always easy to perform, so that users will have no problems upgrading their installations and always work with the latest and best version.

When you buy software: any software: you become dependent on that product and its developer. Joining the kalmstrom.com Community is an insurance against the trouble switching to another application will cause you. You will also help make further development investments possible.
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO, kalmstrom.com Business Solutions


kalmstrom.com Responsibility

  • Correction of all issues that prevent a correct usage of the product
  • Updates of all products so that they work with the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Your e-mails answered within 24 hours*
  • A scheduled telephone or Teams conference within 36 hours*
  • Remote connection services
    *during Western Europe working days

The support contract is valid for how our products work, and in some cases for Microsoft SharePoint, so that our users can configure these platforms to work best with our products. However, we do NOT offer free support on other products or on how to develop new solutions. If possible we will help with that too, but in that case will charge by the hour.

Subscriber Responsibility

The kalmstrom.com support is highly valued among subscribers and evaluators, and we are doing our best to live up to your expectations. However, for our cooperation to run smooth we also request that the kalmstrom.com Subscribers do their part.

Responsible person:
We request that the subscribing organization assign a Responsible person for each of the kalmstrom.com products used. This can be the same person for several products. If other users send error reports to us we will answer with a copy to the Responsible in case we think the user might need assistance from the Responsible. It is also to the Responsible we send information about updates and other news.
We have done our best to document each product with video demonstrations and a manual. This documentation is carefully built, and we request that the Responsible studies it and makes an effort to learn the product. During that process we will of course answer any questions or explain anything that might be unclear. That way we will learn how to make the documentation better!