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SharePoint Flows

SharePoint Flows from Scratch coverIn SharePoint Flows from Scratch, Peter Kalmström explains how Microsoft Flow can be used to automate SharePoint business processes. The book is intended for SharePoint admins and other users who already know the basics of SharePoint.

SharePoint Flows from Scratch has two parts. After seven chapters of Flow theory, Peter gives example flows for common business processes. Use them for practice or as templates for your own flows. Each example flow has a theory section that further expands the knowledge given in the first chapters.

SharePoint Flows from Scratch has multiple links to kalmstrom.com Tips articles with video demonstrations that give explanations in other ways and make the learning more varied.

Microsoft Flow is primarily intended for Office 365 and other cloud based platforms, so all images, demos and explanations are from SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Flows
is available as e-book and paperback, sold via Amazon.

If you are new to SharePoint Online, we recommend that you study Peter's book SharePoint Online from Scratch first. It will give you the basic SharePoint knowledge needed to get the most out of SharePoint Flows from Scratch.

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