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Kanban Task Manager

visualize and co-operate on projects and tasks

in SharePoint or SharePoint Online

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint iconKanban Task Manager visualizes tasks and projects on a kanban board in SharePoint. When managers and team members get such a picture of the work process, they can quickly reveal bottlenecks and blockers. Less time is spent on trying to sort out how projects are coming along, because everything is visible on the board.

When you open Kanban Task Manager in SharePoint, you can see the workgroup's different tasks visualized as color coded cards on a kanban board. New tasks are created with a click directly from the board, and the tasks can be dragged between the board's phases (and lanes) as the work proceeds.

Kanban Task Manager uses as much standard SharePoint features as possible, so it is easy to understand and use. Tasks for multiple projects can be displayed on one kanban board.

Kanban Task Manager comes in two SharePoint editions: Sandboxed Solution and Add-in/App. We will soon release a modern web part edition that also can be added to Teams.

The demo below shows the sandboxed solution. The add-in has the same design and features, except for the move to another board, which is not possible with an add-in.


  • Filter tasks by priority, project and responsible and, if enabled, also by a custom field. The filter is kept at refresh and browser restart, so users can bookmark the filtered view and share its URL with other users who have access to the same Kanban Task Manager installation.
    Every user can, for example, send a manager the path to a filtered view that shows only that user's tasks. If this is done regularly, it is easy for the manager to track each team member's progress.
  • Search of both subjects and body texts of the tasks.
  • Create task checklists and checklist templates for common task steps.
  • Graphic indicators on the kanban cards: high and low priority, overdue and % completed.
  • Time logging and Hours Open for each task.
  • Support for multiple assignees. Search by any of the assigned persons. 
  • Phases and projects can be hidden.
  • Organizations with multiple installations can move tasks between kanban boards (only the sandboxed solution).
  • More views in addition to the kanban board:
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year
    • Timeline, tasks grouped by Responsible and Project
    • Project, with pie charts that show tasks in phases
    • Daily trend, line chart with task statuses from the last 30 days
    • Day report, task activities on a specified day
    • 7 Habits, tasks grouped by importance and urgency
    • Not Assigned, where you quickly assign tasks to team members.
  • Change the captions "Project" and "Lane" into something that suits the organization better.
  • Use any other SharePoint Tasks list instead of the default Kanban Task Manager customized task list.
  • Embed My Tasks in any SharePoint page and give a simple interface for users who only need to see their own tasks. The sandboxed solution can fetch tasks from several kanban boards.
  • Create a custom parameter that is added to tasks, filters and views.
  • Set WIP limits for phases and lanes, to give a warning when the predefined number of tasks is exceeded.
  • Set default column values.
  • Set number of columns for each phase, to optimize the use of screen space.
  • Right click on a task to open its details pane. Here you can manage the task without opening it:
    • Set a progress bar or close the task
    • Change responsible person
    • Copy the task
    • See task versions
    • Move the task to another kanban board (only the sandboxed solution)
    • Read the full task description
    • Manage the checklist and time logging, if enabled.
    • See Hours Open for the task
  • The Multiboard gives managers an overview of open tasks on all Kanban Task Manager installations on the farm/tenant.
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