Kanban Task Manager Video Demonstrations

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoYou are welcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Kanban Task Manager.

Most of the demonstrations show the Sandboxed Solution, but if nothing else is mentioned the Add-in works in the same way. Some of the demos also show an older design, but that does not affect the message of the demonstration.



1. Introduction

Overview over the SharePoint Add-in edition of Kanban Task Manager.

2. Create a SharePoint Online app/add-in catalog

Make Kanban Task Manager avaliable for all sites in the tenancy by adding it to an app catalog.

3. Insert the App Part in a SharePoint page

Insert the Kanban Task Manager App Part in any SharePoint wiki or web part page.
More demos below, number 7-17!

Sandboxed Solution


4. Introduction

Overview over the SharePoint Sandboxed Solution edition of Kanban Task Manager.

5. Installation

Activate Kanban Task Manager for the site collection and for the site. Generate example data.

6. Activate Sandboxed Code Services

Sometimes you have to start the Microsoft SharePoint Sandboxed Code Services before you can activate Kanban Task Manager.

7. Upgrade

Silent video on how to upgrade the sandboxed solution.

Both Editions


8. Configuration

Configure Kanban Task Manager to suit your organization. Note that the add-in does not have the option to move tasks between installations.

9. Embed My Tasks

Silent video on how to embed My Tasks in a page. My Tasks shows each user his or her own open tasks.

10. Statistics

See how you can take advantage of the Kanban Task Manager Excel reports.

11. Default values

Five of the task form fields are given default values. The demo shows which they are and how to change them.

12. The Multiboard

See multiple kanban boards on one SharePoint page.

13. Differentiate task permissions

Let a workflow set unique permissions so that only manages see all tasks. Each department only sees their own tasks. For use by multiple departments within one site.

14. Customize for screen

The kanban board can be adapted to different screens.

15. RSS Feed

Share your kanban board in SharePoint with others in your organization by creating an RSS feed for the page. This demo shows an earlier version, but it works in the same way with the current version.

16. Customize Task Form with InfoPath

Learn how to customize the Kanban Task Manager task form with InfoPath. This demo shows an earlier version, but it works in the same way with the current version.

17. Sync with Microsoft Project

Synchronize Kanban Task Manager and Microsoft Project. This demo shows an earlier version, but it works in the same way with the current version.

18. Enforce a Business Rule

Send an automatic e-mail instead of completing, if a user tries to mark a task as completed without mandatory information being filled out.

19. Slideshow

The Kanban Task Manager slideshow as a video. This demo has no sound.
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