Kanban Task Manager Video Demonstrations

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoYou are welcome to watch and share these video demonstrations on how to set up and use Kanban Task Manager.

Most of the demonstrations show the Sandboxed Solution, but if nothing else is mentioned the other editions work in the same way. Some of the demos also show an older design, but that does not affect the message of the demonstration.

1. Introduction

Overview of Kanban Task Manager.


2. Slideshow

Video that shows the Kanban Task Manager slideshow.



3. The Actions feature

Learn how to set power actions that users can select in the task form.


4. Differentiate task permissions

Let a workflow set unique permissions so that only manages see all tasks. Each department only sees their own tasks. For use by multiple departments within one site.

5. Enforce a Business Rule

Send an automatic e-mail instead of completing, if a user tries to mark a task as completed without mandatory information being filled out.




6. Install the sandboxed solution

Upload the Kanban Task Manager sandboxed solution to a site and activate it. Create a Tasks list to use with Kanban Task Manager.


7. Create an app catalog

For SharePoint and Global admins: Create a SharePoint app catalog to make add-ins and web parts available for the whole organization.


8. Deploy the web part via the app catalog

Add the Kanban Task Manager client-side web part to a SharePoint app catalog. It will then show up among the web parts in all the farm's/tenant's pages.

9. Add the web part to a modern page

Add the Kanban Task Manager client-side web part to a modern SharePoint page.


10. Deploy the app/add-in via the app catalog

Add the Kanban Task Manager add-in to a SharePoint app catalog. It will then show up under "From Your Organization" when users "Add an app".


11. Install the add-in

Add the add-in to a SharePoint site with the "Add an app" command. Select "From Your Organization". If you cannot find Kanban Task Manager there, select "SharePoint Store".


12. Install with a PowerShell script

Modify the PowerShell script to install Kanban Task Manager in multiple sites.


13. Activate Sandboxed Code Services

Sometimes you have to start the Microsoft SharePoint Sandboxed Code Services before you can activate the sandboxed solution edition of Kanban Task Manager.

14. Upgrade the web part

Add a new version of the Kanban Task Manager client-side web part to the SharePoint app catalog, and all existing installations will be updated automatically.

15. Upgrade the sandboxed solution

Silent video on how to upgrade the sandboxed solution.

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