Kanban Task Manager Plans

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoBelow is what we want to see in future versions of Kanban Task Manager. The plans are valid for all SharePoint editions.

The priorities are fluent, but
if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it. Then we will put "your" feature at the top of the list.

We also welcome all suggestions for future development, whether your organization has a possibility to sponsor it or not.

Future development plans

  • Make it possible to insert images in the Kanban Task Manager form without using a link.
  • Add a Gantt view.
  • Add an e-mail management feature, so that organizations can handle e-mail conversations on the kanban board, all the way from the initial issue report to the final closing of the ticket. This way Kanban Task Manager can be used for issue tracking and user support as well as for projects management.
  • An option to restrict the number of displayed closed tasks and only show tasks from the latest X hours, or the latest X tasks, in the Finished/Done/Completed phase – that is, the phase to where closed tasks should be moved. The hidden tasks will not be removed from the database/SharePoint list. Instead they will be retained for statistics purposes.
  • Archiving feature. It will be possible to export completed tasks to a separate SharePoint list.
  • We will create tutorials showing how to use the built-in SharePoint features to import data from other systems and create alerts and workflows to send reminders or notifications.
  • The creator of the task will be shown in a label in the Kanban Task Manager toolbar.
  • Add a connection between Kanban Task Manager and the SharePoint calendar.
  • Add a possibility to export the current kanban board to a PDF file, so that it can be printed.
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