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for evaluators and Standard subscribers

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoThe The Add-in edition lets site owners add Kanban Task Manager to asites via the "Add an app" command.

Kanban Task Manager APP file can be downloaded here and then uploaded to the Add-in/App Catalog of the SharePoint farm or tenant where you want to use Kanban Task Manager. It will then be available for all sites in the farm/tenancy, and it will show up as an option when users "add an app".


Premium subscribers will have a e-mail when their custom installation file has been updated.
If you subscribe to Kanban Task Manager on Standard level, you can download the APP file here and register the new edition with the key that you have already received from


If you want to evaluate Kanban Task Manager, you are welcome to try it for 30 days, but then you must start a subscription to continue using the product.

The demo below shows how to deploy the add-in using a SharePoint Online App catalog. (Refer to the FAQ section to learn how to create an App catalog.) The demo also shows how to add Kanban Task Manager to a site.

For details about the installation and configuration, refer to the Manual.

To consider

The APP installation creates a Kanban Task Manager "app web" connected to the site where it is installed (the host web), and Kanban Task Manager is displayed on its own page in that app web. All content is stored in the host web.

The APP was recommended for about a decade and is still supported by Microsoft. Morevoer, many organizations still only have policies in place to mandate the use of APP based SharePoint customizations. Therefore, is still developing the Kanban Task Manager APP edition, but we are looking forward to stop supporting it when Microsoft does.

However, the whole idea of an app web and host web creates problems, and the Kanban Task Manager Multiboard does not work with the APP edition, because of security limitations when doing cross site requests.

Download the APP edition

It might me necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser for the download to work.

When you extract this file you will have an .app-file, which is the file you should use.

Yes, I want to download Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in as a ZIP file, which I will extract manually.

E-mail address:


Standard SharePoint permissions are used for Kanban Task Manager.
  • The person who uploads Kanban Task Manager to the App Catalog needs to be a SharePoint Administrator.
  • The person who adds Kanban Task Manager to a site, must be a site owner.
  • Kanban Task Manager users must have at least Read permission over the site where Kanban Task Manager has been added and Contribute permission over the Kanban Task Manager task list.

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