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ProblemApp Catalog: How can I create a SharePoint Online app catalog?

App Catalog: How can I create a SharePoint Online app catalog?

An app catalog is a type of site collection that is used for storing apps for your organization"s internal use. You must be a Global or SharePoint admin to create an app catalog.

The demo shows the classic experience.

Installation in SharePoint Online, modern experience

  1. Open the SharePoint Admin center
  2. Click on 'More features' and then on 'Open' under 'Apps'.

    Go to the app

  3. Click on the 'App Catalog' link.
  4. Keep the default option "Create a new app catalog site" and click OK
  5. Fill out the details.
  6. Click on the address book icon at ‘Administrator’ and search for an administrator name. Select the correct name and click OK.

    Fill out entries to create app calatog Site collection

  7. Now an app catalog site has been created and will show up under 'Active sites'.
Upload an app/add-in or a client-side web part to the app catalog:
  1. Select "Apps for SharePoint".
  2. Click on 'Upload' and browse to the APP or SPPKG file you want to add to the app catalog.

    Add your add

  3. Deploy the file.

    App file added

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