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Document Tagger logotypeThe Document Tagger Add-in APP file can be downloaded here and then uploaded to the Add-in/App Catalog of the SharePoint farm or tenancy where you want to use Document Tagger. It will then be available for all sites in the farm/tenancy.

How to create a SharePoint Online App Catalog

Document Tagger Add-in can also be installed from SharePoint Store.

The recommended way to test Document Tagger is to create a new site collection for testing. Then, once the testing is completed, you can start over by installing Document Tagger in the production site collection. However, if you want to use the test installation, you can just register Document Tagger and continue using the same installation.


When the Document Tagger APP file has been uploaded to the Add-in/App Catalog, add an app, select ???Apps You Can Add??? and choose 'Document Tagger Add-in'.

If you want to install from SharePoint Store, select 'SharePoint Store' instead.

When Document Tagger has been installed on a site, click on the "Document Tagger" link in the Site settings. A "Get started" page will open, where you can either load an example library with files if you don't want to use your own files. Then you can start testing Document Tagger!

For details about the installation and configuration, refer to the Manuals.


Standard SharePoint permissions are used for Document Tagger.
  • The person who uploads and activates Document Tagger for the site collection must have Full Control over the site collection.
  • The Document Tagger site administrator must have Full Control over the site where Document Tagger is activated.
  • Document Tagger users must have at least Contribute permission over the libraries where they should use Document Tagger.

Download a .zip-file

It might me necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser for the download to work.

When you extract this file you will have an .app-file, which is the file you should use.

Yes, I want to download Document Tagger SharePoint Add-in as a .zip file, which I will extract manually

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