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SPFX Extension

for evaluators and Standard subscribers

Templates Manager iconWelcome to download the Templates Manager SPFX extension edition. It comes as an SPPKG file that gives a modern client extension (SPFX). The SPPKG file is uploaded to the tenant's app catalog and installed in a site with the 'Add an app' command.. Refer to our FAQ section for information on how to create an app catalog.


To upgrade the SPFX extension, replace the Templates Manager file in the tenant’s app catalog. All installations in the tenant will then be upgraded automatically.


If you want to evaluate Templates Manager, you are welcome to try it for 30 days. After that, you must start a subscription to continue using the product. Also refer to the evaluator information on the general Download page.

Install Templates Manager in a site

As soon as the SPPPKG file has been deployed in the  tenant's app catalog, it is available to all users via the ‘Add an app’ command.
  1. In the site where you want to install Templates Manager, click on the settings icon in the 365 navigation bar and select 'Add an app'.
  2. Select "From your organization" in the left menu and click on the Templates Manager app.
  3. Now Templates Manager will be installed in the site. After a few minutes, the Templates Manager button will show up in all document libraries in that site.
Repeat the 'Add an app' process for each site where you want to use Templates Manager.


Standard SharePoint permissions are used for Templates Manager.
  • The person who uploads and deploys Templates Manager in the app catalog needs to be a Global or SharePoint Admin.
  • The person who installs Templates Manager in a site must have at least Edit permission on the site.

Download Templates Manager

The download is a ZIP file. Extract the file and use the SPPKG file for installation.

E-mail address:

You might need to allow pop-ups for the download to work.

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