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Templates Manager iconYou are welcome to download any edition of Templates Manager. You will get the full version, and it will work for 30 days.

If you subscribe to Templates Manager on Standard level, you can register the new installation with the key that you have already received from


Templates Manager comes in three editions: SPFX extension, Sandboxed solution and PowerShell package All editions are included in the subscription, and you may use and combine them as you like.

The SPFX extension only works with SharePoint Online, but the sandboxed solution and the PowerShell package also supports SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019.


NOTE: Premium subscribers should not use the links above. If your organization subscribes to Templates Manager on the Premium plan, you will have your own, register free copies of all three editions in your unique download place.

Evaluator Information

Best practises

Microsoft recommends use of many sites, instead of big sites with multiple levels. The recommended way to test Templates Manager is to create new sites for testing. Once the testing is completed, you should start over by installing Templates Manager in production sites. It is however also possible to continue using the same installations.

Create a templates library

After the installation, you need to create at least one templates library. When you click on the ‘Templates Manager’ button in a SharePoint library and no templates are loaded, you will be prompted to create a “TMTemplates” library. If templates are loaded from other sites, there will be a 'Create a templates library' button below the list of templates.

When the templates library has been created, you can select to create example templates for the evaluation.

It might take up to ten minutes for new templates to show up in other sites where Templates Manager is installed. This depends on the SharePoint search engine  and is not a Templates Manager issue.

When all users should have access to all templates, you only need to create one templates library, give all users Read permission and add all templates there.

If you want to give different templates to different groups of people, you can create more "TMTemplates" libraries with different permissions.

Test example

Below is a simple example where Templates Manager is installed in four sites and has three "TMTemplates" libraries. We assume that staff only have access to their own department site and to the Home site.
  1. Install Templates Manager in a site that everyone has access to. Let's call it "Home" here. Add a “TM Templates” library. As all users have access to this site, the “TM Templates” library should contain templates that everyone might need to use now and then.
  2. Install Templates Manager in a site for sales people and add a “TM Templates” library. In this “TM Templates” library, you should add templates for quotations, contracts and other documents that the Sales staff might need.
  3. Install Templates Manager in an IT site and add a “TM Templates” library with templates for technical documents needed by the IT staff.
  4. In the Production site, install Templates Manager but create no “TM Templates” library.
Now you can test what happens in the specialized sites.
  • When a Sales person clicks on the Templates Manager button in any library, templates from the Home site and from the Sales site will be displayed.
  • When an IT person clicks on the Templates Manager button in any library, templates from the Home site and from the IT site will be displayed.
  • When a person from the Production team clicks on the ‘Templates Manager button in any library, templates from the Home site will be displayed.


Templates Manager supports 10 languages, and the language is automatically set to the same as the SharePoint site. If the SharePoint language is not supported by Templates Manager, English is used instead. The supported languages are: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The templates may of course be in any language. The 10 language support limitation is only for a few Templates Manager buttons.

User permissions

Templates Manager users must have at least Contribute permission over the document library where the templates should be used. They must also have at least Read permission on the "TMTemplates" library to get templates from it.

For installation permissions, see the download page for each edition.

For more information about installation and usage, refer to the Templates Manager Manual.

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