Templates Manager for SharePoint - revision history

Filename Version Last changed
TM_Sand, TM_SPFX, TM_PS 2020-12-25
TM_Sand, TM_SPFX, TM_PS 2020-12-07
TemplatesManagerSP.wsp 2.0.8 2019-05-03
Templates Manager User SharePoint Add-in
TemplatesManagerSP.app 2017-11-06

Latest revision history

25 December 2020 Improved author images. Show "Create a new TMTemplates library" button only if current user is a Site Admin. Fixed dialog size in the SPFX version.
7 December 2020 Version 3 is a major re-build of Templates Manager, using a new programming language called TypeScript. Microsoft markets it as "JavaScript for the Enterprise", and it has given us some new possibilities.

We can for example get rid of the Publisher and User installations. There is now only one setup, and it can be used for both templates distribution and template selection and usage.

Version 3 of Templates Manager gives "Templates Manager" buttons in all document libraries in sites where Templates Manager has been installed or activated, and these buttons open all templates that the user has access to from all templates libraries in the farm or tenant.

Templates Manager V3 comes in three editions: SPFX extension, Sandboxed solution and PowerShell package. They give the same features, but the installation methods are different.

Another important development is that we have moved away from using libraries for doing calls to SharePoint. Instead we are now using direct REST API calls for everything that we need to do with SharePoint, and that makes our code performance much better.

3 May
Version 2.0.8 of the Sandboxed Solution has been released.

  • Added support for the new library interface.
17 Nov
The SharePoint Add-in, version for Templates Manager User and the Sandboxed Solution, version 2.0.5 has been released.

  • Developed an Add-in to make Templates Manager User work with SharePoint's new experience.
  • Added support for Office 365 Groups sites.
17 Nov
Version 2.0.4 released

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Templates Manager quick launch link on the SharePoint subsite.
  • Handled the long template names in a better way.
  • Fixed an issue with the unicode characters in the template names on the Internet Explorer browser.
12 Aug
Version 2.0.2 released

  • A Templates Manager client add-in for the desktop versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, so that users can to connect to the SharePoint Publisher site and get the templates from there.
  • On the "Choose template dialog", the current SharePoint theme color will be displayed.
  • A possibility to filter templates by the document type.
  • The installation, upgrade and removal processes have been changed. This was necessary as Microsoft no longer supports server-side code in Office 365.
10 Mar
Version 1.1.1

  • Now Templates Manager Users can switch to another templates library.
  • The Properties dialog is now displayed before the file is opened, so that users can set document name, title and other metadata directly, before starting to work on the document.
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Bug fix: Fixed minor issues

10 Feb
Version 1.0.15

Bug fix: Templates Manager will add a number to an already existing file name instead of overwriting it.

12 Oct
The first version of Templates Manager, V1.0.11, released.
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