Download Kanban Task Manager PowerShell Edition

for evaluators and Standard subscribers

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logoWelcome to download the Kanban Task Manager PowerShell edition. It comes in a zipped file that includes several files. When you have extracted the .zip file, you can modify the .ps1 file that is included in the package and then run it to install Kanban Task Manager in multiple sites.


To upgrade Kanban Task Manager, download the new file and modify and run the PowerShell script again. Make sure that you include all sites in the script.


If you want to evaluate Kanban Task Manager, you are welcome to try it for 30 days. After that, you must start a subscription to continue using the product. Also refer to the evaluator information on the general Download page.

The demo below shows how to use the PowerShell script you can download below.

Install Kanban Task Manager with a PowerShell script

You should have some experience of PowerShell to use this installation method, as you need to make some modifications of the script so that it suits your organization. We offer paid support services to make those modifications or enhancements as needed.
  1. Unzip the two files into a folder.
  2. Run PowerShell ISE as administrator.
  3. Open the .ps1 file included in the zipped package.
  4. Modify the script, so that it connects to your farm or tenant and includes the sites where you want to install Kanban Task Manager.
  5. Run the script.
  6. Now Kanban Task Manager will be installed in all sites you included in the script.
It is a good idea to keep the sites part of the script stored, so that you easily can paste it into the new script when it is time to upgrade Kanban Task Manager.


Standard SharePoint permissions are used for Kanban Task Manager.

When you install the Kanban Task Manager PowerShell edtion in SharePoint on premises, you must be admin on the site(s) where Kanban Task Manager should be installed.

For SharePoint Online, the PowerShell script requires that you have the “SharePoint Admin” role in Office 365.

The PowerShell script enables scripting in the site during the installation. This is not enabled by default on modern Team or Communication sites. The script also creates a Site Assets library in the site, if it doesn’t already exist.

Download the Kanban Task Manager PowerShell edition

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