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Templates Manager for SharePoint Press Release

3 Installation Methods but the Same Features

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Borgholm, Sweden, 7 December 2020

kalmstrom.com Business Solutions is happy to announce the release of a totally rebuilt Templates Manager for SharePoint. The new version comes in three editions, so that all organizations can use the installation method they prefer: SPFX extension, sandboxed solution or PowerShell script. When the installation is finished, the Templates Manager features are the same for all editions.

Give all users what they need - no more, no less
"SharePoint has in itself no easy way to distribute templates to all document libraries in the farm or tenant, but Templates Manager solves that problem", says Peter Kalmström, CEO and the Systems Designer of the kalmstrom.com products.

"With Templates Manager, there is no actual distribution at all! Instead, we take advantage of the SharePoint search and permission settings to make Templates Manager give each user the templates he or she needs, no matter where in the farm or tenant they are stored."

Use any file
When Templates Manager is installed in a site, there are buttons to fetch templates and also to create templates libraries. Any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file that has the correct formatting, header, footer and so on can be uploaded to these libraries, that works in the same way as other SharePoint document libraries.

Direct templates to user groups
When users press the Templaets Manager button in any document library in the farm or tenant, they will get templates from all templates libraries they have access to. When all users should have access to the same templates, one templates library can serve the whole organization,, but by setting different permissions on different templates libraries you can also direct templates to different users and groups..

Template categories and search
Users are presented with a list of templates that can be sorted and searched, and when they select a template in the list a preview will be visible.

 The information in the preview shows how the template look and also its category, creator, site where it is stored any other information that the template creator has found suitable to add.

30 days free trial
kalmstrom.com Business Solutions offers a trial period of 30 days for all three editions of Templates Manager for SharePoint. The solution gives a possibility to create Example data, so that the evaluation can be quick and smooth.

During the evaluation the kalmstrom.com team offers full support, just as support and upgrades are included for organizations who subscribe to Templates Manager.

Leverages Microsoft
Peter Kalmström and his team develop and market solutions for Microsoft SharePoint under the brand name kalmstrom.com Business Solutions. The common theme for the kalmstrom.com products is that they add functionality on top of the Microsoft platform they build on.

The company behind the brand is the family owned Kalmstrom Enterprises, a Swedish/Spanish business with customers all over the world.

For more information, please refer to the kalmstrom.com website. You are also welcome to contact support@kalmstrom.com for technical questions and  sales@kalmstrom.com for sales matters.

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