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SharePoint iconWhen you publish a workflow, SharePoint Designer creates a Workflow Tasks list where all task actions are stored automatically. (Such tasks are created under Actions >Task Actions, and we will show examples on them in later articles.)

As workflows (unlike Flows) always work within the context of a single SharePoint site (not site collection), the list is added to the current site. If the list has not been hidden, you can see it in the site contents. When a workflow runs, it checks if the site has an existing Workflow Tasks list, and if no such list exists, a list will be created.

A workflow can use the default Tasks list for the site, and in that case all tasks in workflows on that site will be added to the same Tasks list. You can also let one or more workflows use a custom Tasks list.

SharePoint Designer iconIn the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer, shows how to hide the Workflow Tasks list and how to reach it even if it has been hidden.

Peter also shows how to create task actions and how to switch Workflow Tasks list and use another list based on the Task content type. All this is done in SharePoint Designer.

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