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Enforce A Business Rule In A SharePoint List

A SharePoint Workflows tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint Designer iconTo enforce a business rule in a SharePoint list, you can let a workflow both undo the forbidden action and send an automatic e-mail to the user who tried to do something that was against the rule.

In the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to stop users from setting a task to completed without filling out the "Minutes worked" field in the task form. Peter uses the default tasks list from the kalmstrom.com product Kanban Task Manager, but the idea can of course be applied to any list.

The Kanban Task Manager list has no "Minutes worked" field, so Peter first adds this field to the list and sets the default value to 0. Then he can create a SharePoint 2013 workflow that sends reminder e-mails to users who have tried to complete a task without entering a value in the "Minutes worked" field. The e-mail contains a link to the task and information that the field has to be filled out.

Workflow for mandatory field reminder

  1. Open the list in SharePoint Designer.
  2. Create a new SharePoint 2013 workflow that is run every time an item is changed.
  3. Set the first Condition: if the Status of the task is Completed.
  4. Set the second Condition: if "Minutes worked" is 0.
  5. Set the first Action: update the list item so that the Status is set to In Progress.
  6. Set the second Action: send an e-mail to the person who last modified the task.
  7. Add text and a link to the task in the e-mail.
  8. Set the workflow to end.
  9. Check, publish and test the workflow.

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