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Create a Phone Messages Tracking List

A SharePoint Exercise by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint iconWhen a reception takes calls for people who are not available at the moment, it is convenient for the receptionist to add the information in a SharePoint list where everyone can see it. Much better than writing the information by hand on a piece of paper!

In the demo below Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions and Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist and trainer, explains how to create a list app that automates the handling of phone messages.

Peter has used the Office 365 version of SharePoint and the new list exeperience interface for this tutorial, but you can do the same in other editions and in the classic experience.

Peter begins with creating a custom list app called Phone Messages. In this list he renames the title field into "Who called" and adds columns for more information about each incoming call.
  • SharePoint apps iconPhone number: Single line of text
  • Called: Person
  • Returned: Yes/No

Now the Phone Messages app is ready for use, but to make the new app easier to use Peter creates three new views for the app:
  • Phone calls grouped by person called
  • Un-returned phone calls
  • Today's phone calls

Do you want to expand the tracker, maybe make it possible to use throughout the organization or make the tracker send e-mail reminders about missed calls? You can find many more ideas about phone messages automation in the book SharePoint Online from Scratch and in the SharePoint Online from Scratch Tips articles.

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