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A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconIn the previous article we have looked at two SharePoint list apps: the Tasks list and the Issue Tracking list. Both are suitable for a helpdesk team, but both can be much better with some modification.

In the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, gives a suggestion on what to think about and how to modify the default SharePoint Issue tracking list if it should be used by a support team. In subsequent articles we will go into more detail on list modification. This first article is just a start.

Issue Tracking list settings and modifications

  • When the list has been created and is displayed under Recent in the Quick Launch, Edit the Quick Launch and drag the list link to the permanent links.
  • Make sure Versioning is enabled, so that you can see different versions of the list items.
  • Make sure that multiple selection is not allowed for the Assigned To column. Add a new column for other people you want to assign a task to instead of allowing mulitple selection.
  • Change the Category names into something that suits your team. Write the new name in alphabetical order.
  • (Delete the Related Issues column.)

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