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Get Started with SharePoint Online

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365 logo SharePoint is Microsoft's platform for sharing and collaboration, and it is included in most Office 365 subscriptions. The Office 365 version of SharePoint is also called SharePoint Online.

When you subscribe to an Office 365 package where SharePoint is included, some SharePoint site collections are created automatically when the Office 365 tenant is set up. Most important of them is the team site.

The auto-created team site has some characteristics that distinguishes it from the team sites you create yourself:
  • All the tenant's users are by default added to the team site.
  • All users have Edit permission by default.
  • External sharing is enabled.
  • Custom scripts are not allowed.
This is what Peter shows in the demo below: SharePoint icon
  • How to reach SharePoint via the SharePoint button on the Office 365 home page.

  • How to open the SharePoint Admin center from the Office 365 Admin center and
    • reach the site collections
    • change the sharing permission on a site collection
    • allow custom scripts to be run, which is necessary to use certain features in a site collection.

  • How the SharePoint team site is designed.
    • The Office 365 section
    • The SharePoint ribbon
    • The navigation panels
    • The Share command
    • The Follow command
    • The Focus on Content command.

  • How to remove the "Get started" tiles.

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