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PowerApps Introduction

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365When we have our business data in the cloud it can be reached from everywhere via the internet, and today people work a lot out of office, using phones, tablets and laptops.

Working from outside the office is convenient and gives freedom to move around, but we often have to be content with the same interface as in the PC. This is not optimal.

To use a PC interface in a small touch screen can create issues, but Microsoft has given a solution to the problem: the no-code development service PowerApps.

From a user perspective, a PowerApp can be regarded as a new view for the data that the PowerApp is connected to.

Microsoft PowerApps iconWith PowerApps, IT professionals can create apps for both mobile and desktop devices and distribute them to users within the organization. Office 365 users can even create their own apps, because it is not very difficult.

PowerApps cannot only be used with Office 365. It can also be connected to cloud services such as Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox and OneDrive and on-premises systems as SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases and SAP.

PowerApps are stored at web.powerapps.com, which you can reach via the PowerApps tile in your Office 365 App Launcher. Here you can remove or edit your PowerApps and also create new PowerApps. As the PowerApps are stored in the personal account of the user who created them,  it is recommended to use a dedicated account for organization PowerApps.

When you create a PowerApp from a SharePoint list, it is added automatically to the list views. The view opens in the web player, web.powerapps.com.

When you have PowerApps installed on a smartphone or tablet, you will have new PowerApps among the other apps in that device.

In the first PowerApps demo we will not create a new PowerApp but instead use PowerApps to customize a SharePoint list form. After that we show how to create two PowerApps directly from SharePoint and modify them: for Projects and for Phone Messages.

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