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Create a Phone Messages PowerApp from a SharePoint List

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365In the previous demo we studied the basics of PowerApps and created a PowerApp from a SharePoint Projects list.

In the demo below, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to create a PowerApp from a Phone Messages SharePoint list. In our series SharePoint Online from Scratch, there are several demos on how to enhance a SharePoint Phone Messages list, but here Peter uses a simple list as an example on PowerApp creation.

Create a Phone Messages PowerApp

  1. In the Phone Messages list, click on 'PowerApps' in the command bar and select 'Create an app'.
  2. Give the PowerApp a name and click on 'Create'.
The new app will now open at create.powerapps.com. It will have a touch friendly design, but the fields shown in the Browse mode is not optimal, so Peter has to modify it:

Modify the Phone Messages PowerApp Browse screen

Microsoft PowerApps iconThe automatic PowerApp creation has given the Browse screen a star rating connected to the ID column, which has no meaning. Peter removes it and adds the person called field instead, which is of course much more interesting!

PowerApps has been changed since the demo was created. Therefore, point 2 below does not correspond with the demo. If you want to add a field, follow the steps in the description, not the steps in the demo.
  1. To remove the rating, select the field and press the delete key on the keyboard.
  2. To add the Called field, select the first card in the Browse screen and click on,Label? under the Insert tab. Connect it to the Called field by writing 'Called' after 'ThisItem.' IntelliSense will give you suggestions when you start writing.
    As 'Called' is a person object, you have to specify which property you want to include in the field. Select 'DisplayName' from the dropdown that is shown when you add a dot after 'Called'.

    Projects powerapp modification

Search and filter

Peter shows how to search a PowerApp, but currently it is only possible to search text fields in PowerApps. This means that users cannot search for their own messages in the app, as 'Called' is a column of the type Person or Group.

To filter the phone messages so that each user only sees his/her own messages in the list and in the PowerApp, you can create a workflow that sets permissions on each list item.

Save and use the Phone Messages PowerApp in a Mobile

When Peter has saved the PowerApp he adds it to his mobile.
  1. Search for PowerApps.
  2. Install and open PowerApps.
  3. Sign in with your Office 365 account.
  4. Now you will see PowerApps that you have created and PowerApps that colleagues have shared with you.
  5. Select the new app and pin it to your home screen.

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