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Customize a SharePoint List Form in PowerApps

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

Office 365When With PowerApps you cannot only create and modify apps but also customize forms used for SharePoint list items. Therefore, PowerApps can be a browser based alternative to InfoPath for modifying SharePoint list forms.

In the demo below, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to open a SharePoint list form in PowerApps and remove fields, make fields read only and add a color to a field. 

Peter first creates an 'Import Spreadsheet' app, to which he imports a Excel Customer list, but you can do the same with other SharePoint lists that has the modern interface. The PowerApps button in the command bar lets you either create new PowerApps from the current list or customize the list form.

The PowerApps command in SharePoint

Import an Excel file

In the SharePoint Online from Scratch series there are several articles on how to connect Excel and SharePoint, but in the demo below Peter chooses to create an Import Spreadsheet app and import an Excel data range to it.

Try this you have problems with the import:
  • Use Internet Explorer.
  • In the Internet Options >Security, add https://*.sharepoint.com to the local intranet.

Customize the SharePoint list form

When the import is done, click on the PowerShell button in the command bar and select 'Customize forms'. (Peter selects an item and opens the details pane in edit mode, but that is not necessary.)

Microsoft PowerApps iconYou will now be directed to https://create.powerapps.com. where the form of the current list will open so that you can customize it.

Peter explains how to:
  • Find your way around in the web page.
  • Change the general layout of the form
  • Remove fields from the form.
  • Make a field read only, so that users cannot edit it. This is suitable for example if the field data is fetched from outside the SharePoint list.
  • Add color to a field.
  • Save the changes and publish them to SharePoint

In the next article we will create a Projects PowerApp

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