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Getting started with Microsoft Office 365 Video

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

MIcrosoft Office 365Office 365 Video is a portal for sharing, uploading and managing videos on multiple devices, including mobile phones. Microsoft is planning to eventually let Stream replace Video, but during a transition period the two services will co-exist.

Before Video is closed down, Microsoft will transfer all content from Office 365 Video into Stream. After that, any existing Video embed codes and links will still work, redirecting to the same content in Stream.

In the demo below, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to use Office 365 Video to create a channel and upload a video. Peter also explains how to embed the video in SharePoint wiki and new model pages.

Learn how to embed Microsoft Office 365 video in a SharePoint page

Upload your first video

  1. Log in to Microsoft Office 365.
  2. Microsoft Office 365 Video
  3. Click on the 'Video' tile on the office.com start page or in the Office App Launcher.
  4. As no video is uploaded yet, a welcome screen will show links to 'Browse channels' and 'Create a channel'.
  5. To create a new channel, click on 'New channel' in the navigation bar. Give the channel a name and choose a color for it. Click on 'Create'.
  6. To upload the video, click on 'Upload' in the navigation bar and select the channel to which you want to upload the video. Click on 'Select videos to upload'. Choose the file and click on 'Open'.
  7. Give the video title under the field 'Title' and write a description in the field 'Description'. The details are saved automatically.
  8. When the video has been processed, you can watch it by clicking on the video play button. Peter explains the video controls and how to set the video quality.
  9. To tag people related to the video, click on the plus icon under the text `People related to this video'.

Embed a video

  1. To embed the video, click on 'Embed' and then select the quality of the video. Copy the embed code to paste in the page.
  2. To embed the video in a wiki page, click on 'Embed Code' under the Insert tab and paste the code.
  3. To embed the video in a new model page, click on the plus button and select the 'Office Video' web part.
  4. Insert the portal hub address of the video. You can select whether to show the title and video info by toggling the switch under 'Show title and video info'.
  5. Type a page name and click on 'Publish'.

Video Portal Settings

There are a few settings available to manage the videos and channels: 'Permissions', a 'Spotlight' setting to manage the layout of the home page and L'inks to video guidelines' to provide instructions for users to upload a video. Click on the 'Portal Settings' link in the navigation bar to reach the settings.

Permission levels

  • Video admin, by default the Company administrator can manage the home page and set the permissions for other users.
  • Channel admin by default all users except external, can create channels and upload videos to any channel.
    You can set the permission for each channel by opening that channel and click on 'Channel Settings'.

Show videos and channels on home page

  1. Click on 'Spotlight' in the left panel of the Portal Settings.
  2. Click on the four video tiles to select videos to spotlight.
  3. Choose channels in the dropdowns under the Spotlight tiles.

Add video guidelines

Under 'Links to video guidelines' you can give a link to your company's instructions for video creation and upload. Type or paste the link in the home page or the upload field, and a button will be created automatically on that page. You may also use both options.

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