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Study Manager for Microsoft SharePoint

self-studies with teacher control

SharePoint as learning management system

Study Manager for SharePoint logotypeWith Study Manager a teacher or teachers group will be able to create and manage self study material – texts, sound, images, videos, links – for their students. The students will work with the exercises and tasks in SharePoint.

Web-based learning environment

Use one site collection with one Study Manager installation per subject and share information and news about the subject in that Study Manager site collection. A discussion forum for the subject for students and teachers can also be added.

User Roles

Teachers and students will use Study Manager in different ways:


  • Add study material to Study Manager
  • Edit and remove study material
  • Decide hierarchy and order of the study material
  • Supervise the progress of all students
  • Correct or comment when students write texts or work with files in other ways


  • Solve different kinds of tasks
  • Write texts
  • Read texts
  • Listen to sound
  • See their own progress

Virtual classroom

Each study group can have its own site in Study Manager. Here each student can reach the table of contents where he/she sees what exercises have been finished and which one is the next. This is also the place for everything that should be shared within the study group.

Course Management

Study Manager will arrange the study material in an hierarchic way that is easy to overview. The hierarchy is visible in the table of contents, which is updated automatically each time study material is added to, edited or removed from Study Manager.

Study Manager can have two types of exercises:
  • Listen to a text, with or without a possibility to follow the sound in the written text. This type of exercise is most suited for language courses.
  • Several kinds of exercises with self correcting tasks. The exercise can be a text, an image, a video, graphics or a table, and different kinds of tasks are connected to it. Such exercises can be used for any subject.
Students can also work with files that are commented on by the teacher.

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