Upgrade Calendar Browser

Calendar Browser iconkalmstrom.com Subscribers are welcome to download the latest version of Calendar Browser and upgrade their installations.

The person performing the upgrade needs to be Administrator of the site collection.

It might me necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser for the download to work.

Upgrade process

  1. Clean-up Calendar Browser with the button in the Global Settings.
  2. Deactivate Calendar Browser under Site settings >Manage site features on all sites where it is used.
  3. Deactivate and delete the old CalendarBrowserSP.wsp under Site settings >Solutions.
  4. Upload the new CalendarBrowserSP.wsp file, which you have downloaded from this page, to the Solutions gallery and activate the solution for the site collection.
  5. Activate Calendar Browser under Site settings > Manage site features on each site where Calendar Browser is used.
A PowerShell script for the whole process can be provided to Premium subscribers on request.

Download the .wsp file

E-mail address:

Download the .zip file

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