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Calendar Browser iconWelcome to download and try Calendar Browser for 30 days
without any obligations. Then the application stops functioning.

To continue using Calendar Browser after the trial period, your organization must subscribe to the solution.

Calendar Browser is a sandboxed SharePoint solution that is uploaded to the Solutions Gallery in a site collection and activated there. Calendar Browser also needs to be activated fon each site where it will be used.

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The recommended way to test Calendar Browser is to create a new site collection for testing. Then, once the testing is completed, you can start over by installing Calendar Browser in the production site collection.
  1. Download the file CalendarBrowserSP.wsp or .(Extract the .zip file to get the .wsp file.)
  2. In the root site of the SharePoint site collection where you want to use Calendar Browser, upload the .wsp file under Site Settings >Web Designer Galleries >Solutions.
  3. Activate CalendarBrowser for the site collection.
  4. On the site where Calendar Browser. will be used, activate under Site Settings >Site Actions >Manage site features.
  5. There will now be a new 'Calendar Browser' link under Web Designer Galleries in the Site Settings (the demo below shows it in the Quick Launch, but that is no longer correct). Click on it and a Get started page will be displayed. Here you can either add your own resource calendars or load Example data.

For detailed instructions on the installation, refer to the Calendar Browser Admin Manual.

To install and use Calendar Browser for SharePoint you need to have:
  • SharePoint 2010 or higher (in-house or hosted) or Office 365 SharePoint.
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest version).
  • The SharePoint Sandboxed Code Services activated on the server.

Download a .zip-file

If you have problems downloading a .wsp-file you can try this alternative, which downloads a .zip-file.

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