SharePoint Search with Managed Properties

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconIn the demos below Peter Kalmstrom, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, shows how to search in SharePoint library and lists.

Peter also explains how the search results can be more exact if you use managed properties, and he shows how to find what properties to use.

In the first demo Peter searches for files in a document library.

In the demo below Peter explains how to find what managed properties to use. He is still working in the library.

Find managed properties

  1. Click on the settings gear on top right of the page and select Site Settings.
  2. Click on Schema in the Search group
  3. Search or browse through the list to find the property you are looking for.

In the last demo Peter continues to explain the concept of managed properties in SharePoint. This time he is using a Contacts list.

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