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A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconIn a series of articles Peter Kalmstrom, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, is showing a way to use SharePoint to automate taking meeting notes and handling meetings and meeting decisions in general.

In the demo below Peter creates a new page that gives an overview of company meetings. He uses the Content Search web part and makes it search for all meetings entered as items in lists using the meeting notes content type, which he created in an earlier demo.

Create a page that displays meeting items from different site collections

  1. Add a page to the site where you want to show the meetings.
  2. When the new page opens in edit mode, insert the web part Content Search in the Content Rollup category.
  3. Edit the web part and click on the 'Change query' button.
  4. In the query builder, select 'Items matching a content type' and don't restrick by app. Restrict the search to the meeting notes content type.
  5. Switch to Advanced Mode and click on SORTING to sort the meetings. Peter sorts them after creation date so that the most recent meetings are displayed on top.
  6. Make other changes to the web part, like how many items should be shown, how many rows and what should be mapped to the rows.
  7. Save the page.

In next demo we will create a custom search vertical for meetings.

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