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The New Page Model – Highlighted Content

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconThis is the last article about the web parts in the SharePoint Online new page model. In the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, describes the Highlighted Content web part.

By default the Highlighted Content web part searches for and displays the most recently used content. You can however customize this web part to a higher extent than the other new page model web parts.

The settings of the Highlighted Content web part has three sections:
  • Content, where you decide from where the content should be fetched and what type of content should be displayed.

  • Filter and sort, where you decide how the content should be sorted and which filter(s) should be applied.

  • Layout, where you decide how the content should be displayed in the web part.

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