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A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconIn earlier articles Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, has shown various way to categorize SharePoint document library files with column values.

In the demo below Peter shows how to use default column values and discusses the pros and cons with default values. Default values increases the risk of wrong categorization, but on the other hand default values can help users get started with categorization.

Peter also explains how you can work with tagging in an Excel like way in the Quick Edit view, and he discusses if columns should require information or not.

Set a default value for a column in a SharePoint document library

  1. Open the Library settings.
  2. Under Columns, click on the link to the column where you want to set a default value.
  3. Under default value in the Edit Column dialog, enter or select the value that should be default.

    This looks a bit different in different column types. The image below is taken from a text type column, where the default value should be written or pasted in.
  4. Click OK.
When a default value has been added, it can also be seen and changed in the Library Settings, under General Settings, Column default value settings.

Set a default calculated value of the current year

In the demo below Peter also shows a formula that calculates the current year and adds it as a default value for a column.
This is the formula: =Text([TODAY],"yyyy")

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