SharePoint Search Basics

A SharePoint tutorial by Peter Kalmstrom

SharePoint logoFrom The SharePoint 2013 Search is powerful, and if used in the right way it can help SharePoint users work more efficiently.

In the demo below Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of Business Solutions and Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist and trainer, explains the basics of SharePoint 2013 Search.

Two search fields

SharePoint 2013 has two fields for searching:
  1. The search field in the middle of the screen, under the name of the list or library, is for searching in that particular list/library.
    SharePoint List or Library Search field

  2. The search field to the right at the top of the screen searches the whole site.

    SharePoint Search Site

    (In next SharePoint Search tutorial, Peter will show how to create a Search center so that this field can be configured for optional search in the whole site collection, among people or in conversations.)

Keyword query language

You don't have to search by words only. Any managed (searchable) property can be used. Write the property, a colon and then the value you are looking for. Example: Filetype:docx.

To learn which the managed properties are and what column they are pointing to, go into Site settings and open the Search Schema. There you can see all the managed properties and what they are crawling. There is a search field here to, so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

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